We Are Here To Serve You

True Heart CPR and First Aid Services was founded under the tutelage of the Late Mr. Robert Crutch at First Life Training Center Inc.  True Heart  was founded on the basic principles of integrity and  honest instruction.  Our motto is “life matters” and teaching CPR and first aid, we  understand that proper and honest training is most important when seconds count, and good CPR training can help anyone in a cardiac emergency situation.

Our company has over 7+ years of CPR and First Aid instruction.  What sets us apart from the other agencies is that we understand the importance of the client.  We want all our clients to be able to finish our courses not with just a certification but also with a peace of mind and a sense of empowerment.  CPR training with us is not a course but an experience!

We are willing to teach anyone who has the ambition to learn.  CPR and First aid training is a tool.  A life saving tool.  Please enjoy our website.  The only one of it’s kind.  And remember, “life matters”.

Our Capabilities

Osha Compliance 100%
Basic Lifesaving Skills 100%
AED Training 100%
Certificate Programs 100%