Welcome to True Heart CPR and First Aid Services Virtual Store.  The items listed are important to start your CPR business.  So whether you are ready to start teaching CPR or you are simply in need of CPR and First Aid supplies, you have come to the right place!

Prestan Professional Adult CPR-AED Training Manikin (Medium Skin, With CPR Monitor) 4-Pack

The unique clamshell design of these adult training manikins helps Instructors save valuable training time by making setting up, transporting, packing up, and inserting a face shield lung bag quick and easy. A built-in clicker mechanism helps students learn to use the right amount of force to compress the chest to the correct depth, and the patented face/head tilt, which simulates the way an actual victim’s head would move, helps students learn how to open the airway during CPR. The manikins also feature a built-in CPR rate monitor that lets students and instructors see at a glance when the proper rate of compressions has been reached. Comes with 4 manikins, 50 adult face shield lung bags, and a nylon carrying case.

Family & Friends® CPR Anytime® (Dark Skin Kit) (Light skin also available)


This convenient package offers everything people need to learn basic adult and child CPR skills anytime and anyplace — including their own living rooms! Kit includes a DVD featuring practice-while-watching video segments, an inflatable Mini Anne® personal CPR manikin with dark skin, a CPR reminder card, a replacement manikin lung, 2 manikin wipes, and instructions for use. Fully bilingual kit features English and Spanish options on DVD and reference materials.

AED Practi-TRAINER Essentials

This trainer is so compact and affordable that you can have one for every student in the class or training session! It offers a universal training experience to prepare students to use a variety of different AEDs on victims in the event of sudden cardiac arrest. Features two preprogrammed scenarios, clear voice prompts, built-in English and Spanish options, and a metronome. Compatible with any type of CPR manikin that is intended for AED training.

Practi-Mask CPR Training Mask

A cost-effective solution for teaching students to perform CPR with a mask! These convenient masks allow for the sanitary sharing of adult or child manikins and prepare students for the use of a mask during an actual resuscitation. Soft, pliable bladders conform well to adult or child manikin faces. Valves sold separately. Latex-free.

Rescue Mask Training Adapter

An innovative replacement training valve that fits most CPR face masks — and helps save on manikin training filter costs! Purchase one of these affordable valves for each student, and use with instructor’s CPR mask.

Practi-Shield™ CPR Training Shields

Help prevent the spread of infection when students share manikins. Quality filter, latex-free.